Become a faster, healthier runner with the perfect shoe

Of course how well you finish a race and whether or not you set a new PB depends on many factors, particularly, how well you trained. That said, have you ever wondered how your shoes actually fit into the equation?!

Finding the right shoe for you is making sure that it fits the size and shape of your foot. Good running shoes will help to reinforce proper running form and protect your feet. From traditional support to minimalist style running shoes, if they’re not right for you you may end up with injuries.

With all the new technology on the market, without assistance, it can be a bit of a challenge to find exactly the right shoe for you. At Peach City Runners Neil has the knowledge and expertise to properly fit the best shoe for the circumstance. From the beginning walker or runner, to the experienced racer he will take the time to help you focus on fit and how they feel while you’re running.

Drop by the shop or call 250-490-3334 today to discover the perfect shoe to enhance your training and help you become a faster, healthier runner.

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