Running free can bring unexpected treasures

There’s something to be said about running without a focus. Sounds like an odd thing for a runner to say I know. Here in Calgary we’ve already had a couple of cold weeks and some snow so over the weekend spring-like conditions summoned us out to the pathway along the river. No plan, just felt like running and soaking in some Vitamin D under bright blue skies. Spring-ish weather just seems to do that to a runner’s psyche.

As we ran along we were loving the incredibly beautiful day and scenery all around us. Then we noticed them … perching on a dead tree, two stunning bald eagles, all their majesty in plain view … spectacular. We paused in our tracks and pulled out the cell! After all, how could one resist capturing this awesome moment in nature only feet away? We watched in awe as they spread their wings and sunned themselves, if only for a few moments, before gliding away.

While many of us don’t enjoy the colder temps and are already ready for spring to get here NOW – so we can get down to the business of running with a purpose – there is something to be said about spontaneity and no agenda. Running free – human soul, mind, body and spirit – can bring treasures we may never have otherwise been blessed with.


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