What in the world?!

I’ve heard some crazy stories about athletes cheating in training sessions and at races before (for God only knows what reason), but honestly, this one takes the gold!

Check out this article by about how this decorated ultra-runner won the 24-hour race at Across the Years at Camelback Ranch in Phoenix, Arizona by hiding in a porta-potty…and was ultimately DQ’d.


Creative? Maybe. Stupid? Yes.
How will he ever be able to look himself in the mirror again? So humiliating. Good grief.

Keep up all your hard training work. Enjoy the process. Mix it up. Make it tough. Make it fun. Be prepared…it’s worthy of doing. And then, let the chips fall where they may. There’s always another training day, another race.

Happy New Year!

How’s your off-season training going?

Merry Christmas

Get the Most Out of Every Ab Rep this Winter

7 Abs Exercises You’re Probably Doing Wrong—and How To Fix Them

By Alexa Tucker


Stay strong & powerful this winter

Change up your off-season training with some cross-training.

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Can lane swimming actually benefit your running?

I recently came across this article and going into the off-season thought it may be worth a re-post!

Can off-season lane swimming help your running?

That’s a really good question. I think the jury’s still out on this one, but I came across some interesting articles that lean towards swimming and running being a very complementary workout combination. The claims all made good sense to me. See what you think!

– Running mainly works your core and lower body muscles with very little work being done by the upper body muscles. Swimming develops your upper body strength creating a more balanced physique. Swimming also provides some additional aerobic exercise with all that kicking, which helps with lower body power, endurance and stride control.

– Running is a high impact activity which can really take its toll on your body with all the accumulated mileage. Swimming provides an intense cardio workout without the impact. Not only will swimming help with the wear and tear on your body minimizing injury, but this low impact activity will provide some rest making your run days more productive.

– Pace is really key in running. It helps you run longer, smoother and better. Because good swim technique forces you to breathe rhythmically, swimmers automatically learn good pacing skills. This transfers directly to greater efficiency and smoothness while running.

– A little muscle makes you a stronger runner. Not bulk and excess, but lean, flexible muscle and low body fat. Swimming provides consistent resistance, building upper body strength without incurring the stress of weights, while burning fat and reducing bulk.

– Runners need to maintain flexibility to reduce the chance of injury and to allow your body to reach its full range of motion. Swimming helps develop flexibility while kicking. This strengthens the ligaments and tendons that support your ankle movement and increases flexibility in your hip flexors.

So overall, staying active and fit with lane swimming may actually be an excellent complement to running. If nothing else, adding it to your weekly workout routine will provide balance and variety, and that can’t be bad, can it?

Running free can bring unexpected treasures

There’s something to be said about running without a focus. Sounds like an odd thing for a runner to say I know. Here in Calgary we’ve already had a couple of cold weeks and some snow so over the weekend spring-like conditions summoned us out to the pathway along the river. No plan, just felt like running and soaking in some Vitamin D under bright blue skies. Spring-ish weather just seems to do that to a runner’s psyche.

As we ran along we were loving the incredibly beautiful day and scenery all around us. Then we noticed them … perching on a dead tree, two stunning bald eagles, all their majesty in plain view … spectacular. We paused in our tracks and pulled out the cell! After all, how could one resist capturing this awesome moment in nature only feet away? We watched in awe as they spread their wings and sunned themselves, if only for a few moments, before gliding away.

While many of us don’t enjoy the colder temps and are already ready for spring to get here NOW – so we can get down to the business of running with a purpose – there is something to be said about spontaneity and no agenda. Running free – human soul, mind, body and spirit – can bring treasures we may never have otherwise been blessed with.


Have a sweet & safe Halloween!