Got that “dead leg” feeling?!

As all avid runners know, training cycles challenge the body mentally and physically. Sometimes it’s hard to discern if you’re experiencing mid-season fatigue or that “dead leg” feeling simply because it’s time to replace your shoes.

If after a normal run it feels like the life has been sucked out of your legs, it may be that your shoes aren’t providing the protection and support you need anymore. Give your legs a break for a week to make sure it’s the shoes and you don’t just need a mid-training season rest. If your legs still feel dead, consider replacing your shoes.

In the meantime, here’s a great running shoe review courtesy of Running Shoes Guru. Have a peek through and if you have any questions give us a call at 250-490-3334.

Running Shoes Review

Happy training!

Relax, kick back, enjoy the love…

What to do about nasty blisters


I love running, but honestly, one of the most frustrating consequences of training and racing, especially long distance, are pesky blisters – ugh!

If you too, suffer from annoying, not to mention painful blisters, read this article for some fantastic tips about some measures you can take to minimize or even avoid getting them altogether.

Don’t let one more nasty blister ruin your running, training or racing experience!

Latest Research on Running Form

New studies provide interesting results and insight about running form and address the following questions:

  • Does changing your “natural” running form cause you to get “less efficient”?
  • Do shoes make your feet “weak”?
  • What is the difference between running with and without shoes?

Read the article below from the annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine in Denver, Colorado, the biggest sports science conference in the world. Definitely food for thought!

What dentists might be seeing on runners’ teeth!

Running is not only beneficial for helping maintain a healthy lifestyle, but it’s also great sustenance for the body, mind, spirit and soul. If you run long enough however, you’ll likely experience at least some wear and tear on your body parts, from knees and hips, to feet and ankles, just to name a few ; )
That said, most injuries and stress are caused by overuse and we learn to take all the proper precautions to minimize them. But are you aware that endurance training and racing can wreak havoc on your teeth too? I was really surprised that after all my years of training I’d never really considered this before, or given it much thought or attention in any great detail. Yet after reading the Runner’s World article below, it’s just so darn obvious.

Read 5 Ways Runners are Messing Up Their Teeth

We do so much to take care of our minds and bodies, but it seems to me we have to do a little more, and that is to, take impeccable care of our teeth!

Almost time for Peach City RunFest

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If just thinking about the start of a race gets your heart racing, this one’s for you.

Our races are all-inclusive and family-friendly. Choose from 10K or 21K distances.

From hoping to set a personal record to just wanting to go the distance, you’ll have an exciting race experience at the Peach City RunFest in scenic Penticton, BC.

Come out and enjoy the fun!

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Happy Mom’s Day!

Can your running form be improved?

Yep, it’s that time of year again! We’re all settling into our training plans and seeking ways to improve our technique and adjust our running form with high hopes of positively impacting our race results. Here’s a great article with some simple tips and reminders that will help as we head into race season.

Top Five Habits To Develop For Efficient Running Form

2017 Running Shoe Updates

Need new runners and would like to make a change but feel overwhelmed by all the choices?

Here’s a great summary by Running Shoes Guru: The Best Running Shoes of 2017 (so far). Running Shoes Guru test and review more than 100 running shoes each year. These are the ones they consider the best. Hope it helps whittle your list down!

Drop by Peach City Runners anytime. From the beginning runner, to the experienced racer, the staff has the knowledge and expertise to properly fit the best shoe for the circumstance. They are an excellent source of information for runners of all levels and are happy to offer advice!

1 Hour of Running Adds 7 Hours of Life

“Running will do more to increase your lifespan than any other form of physical activity, according to an analysis of long-term studies on the exercise. Over the course of a lifetime it could add just over three years, the research by scientists and cardiologists from five American universities found.”

Wow! If ever there was a good reason to add running to your fitness regimen, now’s the time! It doesn’t matter how far or fast you run, simply running an hour a day could help, according to a study published last month in Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases, which looked at a number of “key lifestyle factor[s] for longevity.”

Learn more at 1-hour-of-running-adds-7-hours-of-life

Who wouldn’t want to achieve these beneficial effects? Slip on your runners and get out there today ; )