Running shoes definitely aren’t built to last forever!

Running shoe quality has certainly improved over the years as materials and designs have become more advanced. That said, they are still man-made products with undeniable lifespans.

While there’s no absolute or simple answer about the durability and lifespan of a running shoe, your health is important and running in broken down shoes not only slows you down, but may also increase your risk of injuries that can take months to heal. As a diehard runner, that’s definitely not a development you want to entertain!

There are varying opinions however, about the life of a running shoe and how often they should be replaced based on many variables. In an article by Ann Oldenburg from

From a mileage perspective, “The general rule of thumb is that you should replace running shoes somewhere between 350 and 550 miles, depending on your body weight, the surface on which you usually run and your running style. Lighter runners might be able to wait until close to the 550 mark to shop for on a new pair, while heavier runners might wear down cushioning, tread and support material faster.”

From a time frame perspective, “The general consensus is that you shouldn’t wear a pair of running shoes any longer than six months if you run four days a week. If you run anywhere from three to five miles a day, four days a week, you’ll be putting in approximately 300 to 500 miles every six months.”

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